Easy, private and secure RDP solution.

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Private sessions

The screen is not shared (seen) by the remote side (host). This provides extra security and privacy where the connection is seamless and no activity is detected on the remote side.

Multiple sessions to one host

Each login creates a new dedicated unique private session on the host. Multiple users can share the host without disturbing their sessions.

Cutting Edge Security

EasyRdp uses the latest cutting edge encryption to ensure the privacy and integrity of the data transfer including (SSL TLS1.2, AES128, RSA and RC4)

How does EasyRdp compare to other remote control software?

Features EasyRdp Teamviewer Plain RDP
No firewall rules are needed
Private session (remote can not see screen)
Multiple unique session connections to host
Host(s) management

Why choose EasyRdp remote control software?

  • EasyRdp is a remote access, management and a remote support tool.
  • Set up your computer as a host and connect to it from anywhere through a seamless install and no firewall rules are needed to be enabled for the connection.
  • EasyRdp has the benefit of private sessions, where the screen is not shared (seen) by the remote side unlike other systems (ex: Teamviewer, Citrix).
  • EasyRdp has the benefit of multiple sessions to the same host, where each connection creates a new dedicated session unlike other systems (ex: Teamviewer, Citrix), where multiple connections has to share the host screen.
  • EasyRdp has other built in benefits like file transfer, secure connection (through the RDP protocol) and secure connection from our servers.
  • EasyRdp uses strong encryption including RDP built in encryption which uses (RSA and RC4). Furthermore, all communications are done between clients and our servers through SSL TLS 1.2. We also use use strong symmetric encryption (AES128) and hashing algorithms to ensure the privacy and integrity of the data.
  • Manage all of your remote hosts in one spot, create user accounts under your company, etc..
  • Give shared access to any host you like with another account on our system (ex: on-demand access for technical support).