MyBackup Pro Release Notes


- Fixed Android 12+ issues.


- Fixed Android 11+ issues.


- Fixed Dropbox issue.
- Fixed Google Drive issue.


- Fixed SMS/MMS restore on Android 10.
- Fixed intent redirection vulnerability.


- Fixed Google Drive issues and Misc fixes.


- Fixed Google Drive and Dropbox issues.


- Misc fixes for Android 10.


- Fixed device id on some devices.
- Misc fixes.


- Fixed schedule backup on some Android devices.
- Fixed restore apps on some Android devices.


-Google API updates.


- Misc fixes.


- Fixed backup/restore apk+data errors on some rooted devices.
- Misc fixes.


- Fixed crashes on Android SDK 4.4.x.


- Added an option for manual IP entry for migrate option for the receiver.
- Fixed root backup Apks+data error.
- Misc fixes.


- Fix for contacts restore error on some devices.
- Fix for backup apps error on some rooted devices.


- Fix for Android 6 Root restore.
- Fix for duplicate contacts on restore in some situations.


- Misc fixes.


- Fix for Android 6 restore apps data when root.
- Fix for migration when destination device uses SDCard for local storage.
- Added Slovak language.
- Misc fixes.


- Added support for using the Google Drive Cloud.
- Added ability to Backup to your computer.
- Initial Android M support.
- Support for Host-name or IP for Backup to PC.
- Apps and Media backup enhanced.
- Portuguese language added.
- Misc fixes.


- Login changed to use Email instead of PIN.
- Cloud space for your account is now available and shared across all your devices.
- Updated Dropbox API.
- Some small bug fixes.


- Android 5+ Lollipop support (including external SD card support).
- Enhanced Contact icon photo support.
- Fix for music playlist support.
- Remote backup updated.
- Misc bug fixes.


- Fixed invalid license issue on some devices.


- Added ability to use Dropbox cloud (Pro version only).
- Added ability to select local backup location through a directory browser.
- Misc fixes.


- Fixed mms restore error on some devices.


- Schedules can be edited.
- Fixed pre 4.0 to post 4.0 Android calendar restore.
- Fixed migrate sms, mms feature for Android 4.4+.
- Fixed issue with apps disappearing on reboot after restore on some root devices.


- Enhanced Android 4.4 support.
- Misc bug fixes.


- Added support for "Google Experience Launcher" for home launcher backup/restore on kitkat.
- Added support for weekly schedule to run on any day of the week.
- Added option to restore calendar events to any calendar on the device.
- Added option to select different languages for display.


- Enhanced design for tablets.


- Added ability to buy subs using Android In-App billing.
- Added ability to buy subs using Google Wallet.
- Remote backup fix.
- Added USB Storage option.


- Android 4.4 Kitkat support (SMS/MMS restore issue is fixed by allowing Mybackup Pro to be your default messaging app temporarily while restoring).
- Restore progress dialog fix.
- Misc fixes.


- Android 4.3 bug fixes.
- Restore schedule apps only selects latest version of an app from list.
- Misc fixes.


- Added a new "Migrate" feature that will allow a device to transfer its data to another device on the same Wi-Fi network.
- Added a new design for viewing, deleting and restoring backups.
- Updated all language translations.


- Fixed Links2SD Backup issue.
- Added .nomedia option to prevent from scanning the rerware backup folder for media.
- Added music playlist count.
- Added support for HTC Sense 4+.


- Ability to Share Mybackup Pro over social media(Facebook, Twitter, etc) and get free space.
- Remove 'Super User' app from backup list (causing some issues when restoring).
- Misc fixes.


- Fix for Root restore of APK+Data (On some newer Android builds).
- Backup files list is now a new activity (This shows in options for View and Restore).
- Misc fixes.


- Added support for bookmarks folders backup in SDK 14+ (4.0+).
- Added support for contact photo file (no loss in image quality) for SDK 14+ (4.0+).
- Added totals in the final backup message.
- Fixed IO error and DB lock issues on some devices when trying to create the database.
- Changed Mybackup icon to higher quality image, to fix blurry image on high-def screen devices.


- Fixed home and calendar backup for Galaxy S3.
- Support for wallpaper (not live wallpaper, Android SDK 5+ aka: Android 2.0+).
- Hebrew localization


- Fixed Playlist and APN backup bug.
- Misc fixes


- Android 4.1 Jelly bean support.
- Added sense 4.0 build in scenes backup support, Custom scenes can't be backed up due to limited API.
- Added run schedule on "AC only" option.
- Fixed Cal 4x restore bug.
- Added music playlist support for stock players(ex: winamp) and not Google Play Music(due to limited API) for Android 4.0.1+.
- Added APN restore warning, APN restore is causing network issues on some devices.
- Display upgrade busybox message. This was causing issues in 4.1 ROM.


- Fixed photos backup error.
- Fixed apps/media list crash on 1.6 and older OS.


- Added ability to backup/restore music and videos.
- Added ability to backup/restore APN Settings for pre 4.0 OS.
- Updated spanish language.
- Misc fixes.


- Fixed duplicate sms backup bug that was introduced in v3.0.9 , you need to backup your sms again with this version. If you can't do that and you lost your sms, please send us your backup .zip file and we will try to remove the duplicates.
- Fixed mms restore where sometimes the message is empty with a bubble.
- Fixed Backup of call logs and music playlist for Samsung Galaxy S2 running ICS.


- Added option for WIFI only and data roaming.
- Added these to viewer: Calendar, Dictionary, AKNotepad.
- Photos restore now goes in /sdcard/RestoredItems if original source dir doesnt exist and cant be created.
- Fixed memory crash when loading icons of Apps & Photos if the list is big.
- Fixed non ascii charcaters in backup name bug on download.
- Added Hungarian language.


- Fixed MMS restore bug with extra quotes in the phone number and multiple threads per number that was introduced in v3.0.7
- Fixed Calendar 4.x All day events restore from pre 4.x
- Fixed 4.x third party apps Integration.
- Added .nomedia file to the rerware folder to exclude it from media scan.
- Add freeze indicator icon to MyToolbox.
- Added Polish language.


- Fixed SDK 4.x Dialogs being canceled when clicked off on them.
- Fixed restore call log issue on SDK 4.x when message type is voicemail.
- Fixed freeze,unfreeze and uninstall (PM Binaries) issues on SDK 4.0 for MyToolbox.
- Added an option to not load icons for apps and photos list that was causing some out of memory exception if the list is long.
- Fixed MMS backup issue when having unicode characters.
- Fixed bug for backing up Calendar Alerts.
- Prevented backups on internal memory, and only allow it on SDCard.
- Fixed AKNotepad backup bug.


- Added full support for Samsung Galaxy Nexus with SDK4.0 (Ice cream sandwich). Alarms backup is not supported because it was taken out from the APIs.
- Fixed app+data restore for root that was causing the restored apps to crash sometimes.
- Fixed some Samsung Galaxy S2 issues.
- Contacts restore does NOT need a Gmail account setup if you have 'Google Contacts' option OFF in Menu->Options
- Restore of calendar events will got to first Calendar found on the device. Will show the calendar it will restore to in a warning message prior to restore.
- Busybox check at startup and default to true in options if it's available on the device.


- Added the ability to set multiple schedules for SDCard and/or online.
- Fixed Samsung Galaxy S2 bookmarks restore however Samsung removed the folder support from the API so all bookmarks go to one folder on restore.
- Fixed Samsung Galaxy S2 alarms restore.
- Fixed Samsung music playlist bug.
- Fixed some remote backup bugs.
- Fixed some HTC JetStream bugs.
- Fixed viewer UTF8 encoding bugs.
- Updated Russian translation.


- Fixed calendar restore issue with null error.
- French language fix.
- Slight changes to German and Korean translations.
- Fixed some bugs in remote backup.
- Misc. minor bug fixes.


- IN BETA: Ability to trigger a Remote Backup (Android 2.2+ only) by logging into the Web Viewer at
- New 3.0 Interface.
- Re-translation of languages: German, Japanese, French, Spanish, and Italian.
- Added languages: Korean, and Finnish.
- Fixed sort order for device viewing the contacts data type.
- MyToolbox now shows apps that are frozen (only on Android OS 2.3.3+).
- Honeycomb 3.2 support.
- Misc. minor bug fixes.