Integrate with MyBackup Pro

Currently Integrated Apps:

- anMoney
- Apps Organizer
- Calendar Snooze
- Car Locator
- COL Reminder
- dxTop Pro : Home Alternative
- EboBirthday
- Fuel Use
- Four in a Row HD
- GasRecord
- GDocs
- Meridian Player Noble
- More Icons Free Widget
- More Icons Widget
- MyLifeOrganized
- MyTrails
- Note Everyting
- Note Everyting Pro
- OI NotePad
- OI Safe
- OI Shopping list
- PalmNote
- Poker Income Bankroll Tracker
- Power Manager
- Power Manager Pro
- Quick Profiles
- Smart Keyboard PRO
- StreamFurious
- Time Tracking by Inovox
- What's On TV
- WordMix
- WordMix Pro

and more to come...

Developers: Get paid for integrating with us!

Developers: Integrating your application with MyBackup is very easily! Please contact us for directions.

Why Integrate?

1) You will give your customers the ability to backup their data using MyBackup Pro to their local SD card, or to the Cloud.

2) You will get more visibility in the market by integrating with MyBackup Pro.

3) We will list you as a known integrated application on our website, and link your application directly to the Google Play Store from the MyBackup Pro application.

4) We are the #1 root/non-root backup solution on Android.

5) We will even pay you for integrating! Look here

Developers: Get paid for integrating with MyBackup Pro!

Program details:

Integrating with MyBackup Pro is easy, fast, and you get paid for it!
Simply satisfy the following conditions and we will send you USD funds in the amount corresponding to the number of downloads your applications has.

10,000 - 50,000 downloads: $50 USD
50,000 - 250,000 downloads: $100 USD
250,000+ downloads: $200 USD

Terms and Conditions:

- App must have a reason for backup and restore functionality.
- App must keep integration even after payout.
- App must declare "MyBackup Pro Integration Support" in the description field of the Google Play Store listing after integration is implemented and released.
- We reserve the right to decline submited applications into this program.

How to enroll into this program:

Simply contact us with the following information:

- Include the keyword "Integrate" in the subject title.
- Name of the application.
- Short description of the application.

We will then respond with directions on how you integrate, and request information for processing a payout. Payouts will be paid 30 days after your application is released with MyBackup Pro integration support.